Exercising your mind and body

A wide range of activities is provided to help keep a healthy body and mind and we will support residents to retain their independence to enjoy current hobbies and even pursue new hobbies. We will support your desire to retain your independence and continue to enjoy your hobbies, pass on tips to others and even pursue new hobbies if you feel like it. The Home has Activity co-ordinators to ensure that activities on offer are tailored to suit the needs of the residents.

We realise that being socially active is very important for maintaining a good quality of life and as such, the Home is dedicated to making sure that our residents are able to enjoy social activities and occasions. The role of the Home’s activity co-ordinators is to ensure that activities on offer are tailored to suit the needs of the residents. This involves activity co-ordinators gaining knowledge about a resident’s individual life story, experiences and interests so that activities are individualised and will be meaningful to those taking part. The Home encourages families and friends to offer suggestions which will be of interest to their loved ones, based on personal experiences or interests.

Many happy events are organised at the Home including ball games, music sessions, sing-along and flower arranging for mothers’ day. Such events, taking place each weekday afternoon, are really enjoyed by our residents and give them the chance to enjoy diverse activities. Some residents have started playing games together, like dominoes, thereby enhancing their social interactions. Future events are continuously being planned and please feel free to get in touch if you wish to take part or attend.

Friends and family are more than welcome to join in during appropriate sessions.